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The Story of Us

On a sunny day walking through the streets of Bogota (Colombia) with my sister, we talked about what it would be like if one day I became her manager and she, my artist. What would we do, how would we do it and what could we achieve? 


We agreed that we should first learn English, travel to other countries, connect with new people and discover new paths. That year Daniela began to study performing arts, today she is a choreographic director and dancer.


At the time I was working as part of the team of an independent label that represented one of the most important bands in the country at the time. Thanks to that project I had the privilege to visit many parts of my country as well as to travel overseas as a tour manager and music promoter. 

The years passed and our time as inseparable sisters had seemingly ended. Being the eldest of the house, I began what would be a professional journey through several countries in Latin America and the United States. Meanwhile Dani began to practice her art becoming part of Sonia Osorio’s National Ballet of Colombia, one of the best recognised dance companies in the country. It was a time for each one of us to live, gain new experiences and discover the world.


But that dream still lived on in our minds, how could we create the opportunity to work together? Due to different facts of life and destiny, we ended up together again, but this time on the other side of the world in the only country where you can see kangaroos and koalas. And so it was that 6 years ago we began our journey living in Australia.


First, we arrived to study English, each one of us looking to break ground in her own field – for me in the music industry and for my sister in the dance industry. We started to enjoy and discover the magical city of Sydney, and to continue persevering for our dreams, until one day we sat down to formalise our ideas to work together. That is how the concept of being an agency was born, not only to promote Daniela's art, but to support, help and guide other artists who also dream of showing their art to the world.


In 2016 we had our first contract as a management agency with an indie-rock band from the Northern Beaches called Love Drunk Hearts. We were also 6 years ago in charge of the opening of the Canadian film festival "Hot-Docs" with Daniela's dance project Plonova Dance and some other artists providing entertainment at the launch.


In 2017 I participated as a panellist at one of the most important music and networking music festivals in Australia, the ‘Australian Music Week’, where I spoke about the Latin markets. I also participated at the Big Sound festival.


During 2018 and 2019, both Daniela and I continued to be immersed in different music and dance activities, participating in events also through Asia and Europe.


In 2020 we further consolidated our ideas and goals. We also began to work as the management team for CASA X, one of the best rappers in Sydney.

By 2021 we are coming with everything!!! To present our project to you and so that you allow us to be part of yours, because this story has a beginning, but not an end ...

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